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The Compliance.
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American cars

In order to drive in France, a vehicle must Comply with national standards, thus we are Talking about “Type-Approval”.

Vehicles which are subject to a “Type-Approval of Single Vehicle”

Are those whose manufacturer refuse to prepare a European

Certificate of Conformity claiming that the vehicles do not meet the

European standards.


Most of vehicles which are marketed for the American market only,

Are falling into this category.

The setting up of your files:

First of all, I proceed to your vehicle’s identification in order to fill in the

technical files requested by the U.T.A.C and the D.R.E.A.L administrations:

such as the calculations for load distribution, the Thorough Cabin calculation, or the identification of the glass material used for the glazing of the vehicle, the request for the Certificate of non-compliance, and so on.



Once the administrative tasks carried out, we are proceeding to the technical modifications necessary to the gallicisation of your vehicle, such as:

  • The modification of the electrical wiring harness

  • The lighting compliance

  • The modification of the rearward fields of vision

  • The modification of the exhaust line if necessary

  • The addition of headlamp cleaning devices depending on the lighting system installed on the vehicle

  • The addition of a manufacturer’s plate which meets the standards

  • The cold stamping of the serial number on the vehicle frame.

The U.T.A.C

Once the modifications have been done, your American car is presented to the U.T.A.C services for testing:

  • Sound level

  • Pollution control / Control of smoke emissions using an Automated Voice Response (AVR)

  • EURO4-5 Polluting Emissions, 70/220 ECC directives

  • Braking control

  • Control of the rearward fields of vision

  • Control of the electromagnetic field emitted by the vehicle (interference suppressors testing)

  • Xenon lights rectification


The UTAC charges 1978 E VAT included for its five tests (excluding the Xenon lights rectification), and they are included in our packages.

The D.R.E.A.L


Once the presentation to the UTAC is done, this is the turn of the DREAL to carry out an inspection (lighting, seat belt, seats, and so on.).

Prices below may vary depending on the vehicle equipment (tyres, exhaust, intake, Talking about “Type-Approval”. Previously-performed electrical conversion, Xenon lights), Prices are presented for llustrative purposes only

Type-Approval prices:


From 3 750E VAT included


- Ford Mustang V6 2005-2006          4.150€ TTC

- Ford Mustang V6 2006-2010          4.250€ TTC

- Ford Mustang V6 2011-2014          4.350€ TTC

- Ford Mustang Ecob / V6 2015 -      4.500€ TTC

- Ford Mustang GT   2015 -               4.700€ TTC

- Ford Mustang GT 2005-2006         4.150€ TTC

- Ford Mustang GT 2006-2010         4.430€ TTC

- Ford Mustang GT 2011-2014         4.450€ TTC

- Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 07    5.900€ TTC

- Ford Mustang BOSS                      5.900€ TTC​

- Dodge Ram 1500 2002-2007          4.150€ TTC

- Dodge Ram 1500 2007-2015          4.250€ TTC

- Dodge Ram 1500 2015 -                 4.500€ TTC

- Dodge Ram 1500 Diesel 2014        4.100€ TTC

- Dodge Nitro                                      4.150€ TTC

- Ford F-150            2004 - 2007        4.150€ TTC

- Ford F-150            2007 - 2012        4.250€ TTC

- Ford F-150            2015 -                 4.500€ TTC

- Pontiac G8 V6                                  4.300€ TTC

- Nissan Rogue                                  4.400€ TTC

- Toyota FJ Cruiser                            4.550€ TTC

- Chevrolet Avalanche                       4.450€ TTC

- Cadillac Escalade                            4.400€ TTC

- Chevrolet Camaro V6 09 - 2014      4.200€ TTC

- Dodge Challenger V6                       4.490€ TTC

- Chevrolet Camaro SS:                     4.550€ TTC
- FORD F-150 SVT Raptor 6.2L         4.650€ TTC

- FORD F-150 HARLEY  6.2L            4.600€ TTC

- Dodge Charger V8  5.7L                  4.550€ TTC
- Dodge Challenger V8  5.7L              4.550€ TTC

- Dodge Viper SRT10                         7.900€ TTC

- Infiniti FX35 2002 - 2006                  4.400€ TTC

- Infiniti GX 91 - 2014                          4.400€ TTC

- Chevrolet express 1998 - 2006        4.150€ TTC

- Chevrolet express 2006 - 2015        4.300€ TTC

- Chrysler Town and country               4.700€ TTC

- Ford Transit Connect                        4.150€ TTC

- Pontiac Montnana                             4.200€ TTC

- Hummer H3                                       4.350€ TTC 


Other : (quote only with manufacturer certificate)


- Audi S4 2011                                    4.600€ TTC

- Audi A5 2011                                    4.600€ TTC

- Volkswagen Golf GTI 2.0L 2011      4.000€ TTC

- Bmw 335D 2010                               -

- BMW X5

- Audi Q5

- Range Rover Sport                         4.500€ TTC

- Ford Focus                                      4.000€ TTC

- Mercedes ML 4MATIC 2015            4.500€ TTC

- Mercedes GL 2013                         4.500€ TTC

- BMW 328 XDRIVE 2015                 4.500€ TTC

- Volkswagen Tiguan 2010              4.500€ TTC

- BMW SERIE 1 M                             2.500€ TTC


                 Rolls-Royce Ghost Family

                         664S, 664L, 665C

- Rolls-Royce Wraith                 7.500€ TTC        


Prestations non incluses dans certains forfaits:


- Véhicules GPL*                                       300€ TTC

- Modification feux xénon                   0 -   400€ TTC

- Autres 


- Devis


- Devis sur Aix-en-Provence gratuit 

- Devis sur site: 60€ TTC la demie journée plus frais kilométrique.


* Certaines modifications peuvent avoir été  préalablement effectués dans le précédent pays d'immatriculation du véhicule

- Type-Approval fraud:


The compliance is done by ourselves, nevertheless, a few professionals outsource this stage to other ones which are specialising in “Minute’s counterfeiting”.

This practice consists in editing a false ticket delivered by “The Mines” and to bring it directly to the prefecture. A professional person who is defrauding is expanding such initiatives down to the day when a poorly false ticket draws the attention of the prefecture representative, that is when all fraudulent type-approvals made by the professional are checked and rendered invalid.

The Car Registration Certificate is retained at the prefecture. Herein lies the problem, as ordinarily, the Foreign Certificate of registration is required to ask for a new formal type-approval, but this one has been remitted to the prefecture and destroyed during the creation of the false Certificate of Registration.

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